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Teresa is a senior at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, CA. She is an environmentalist, an athlete, and a traveler. On her free time, she loves to read, plays piano, and exercise. Her passion for the environment stems from childhood road trips to Yunan and Guizhou, provinces near Sichuan, her hometown in China. She was fascinated by the breathtaking natural scenery and the rich cultural diversity in the region. After moving to the U.S, She was able to learn more about environmental protection and environmental justice. Her binational background also allowed her to understand the importance of addressing multiple perspectives and amplifying the voices of each member of the community. In face of a global crisis such as climate change, it is imperative that communities come together and uniting different voices to fuel a change. This is her initiative of founding this website: to amplify voices from different communities. She looks forward to see the what the future of this platform brings!

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Teresa Luo

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