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Voices around the world

What are communities doing around the world to fight for a greener, more equal, and more sustainable future? We will update some of the latest newspapers written by amazing writers from F(earth)er Magazine that discuss a wide range of topics from environmental justice to sustainable dairy products. Learn more about current stories, initiatives, and actions taken by different people around the world here!

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Youth, Activists, Influencers

Environmental justice is social justice. The rising issue of systemic racism and white privilege in environmental activism has long caused in inequity of representation and resulting impact from climate change. Here are stories from the youth, activists, and influencers who are raising their voices in the community to combat these issues and advocate greater justice for both the planet and humanity.


Businesses play a fundamental role in transforming our current economy to a more sustainable system in the future. 
Here are some leading examples of businesses integrating sustainable approaches in their service, operation, and infrastructure to play their part in seeking a balance between economic development and environmental prosperity.

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Science breeds some of the most crucial and innovative solutions to the world's environmental challenges right now. Check here to discover the newest breakthroughs in environmental research and other exciting news from the scientific community.

Government and Policymakers

Five years ago, 195 nations signed the Paris Agreement that sets an ambitious goal of halting climate change and maintaining the global temperature under 2 degrees celsius. Check here to see what actions policymakers around the world have taken to achieve such goals and any changes in their plans for the future.

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