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What has happened after the Paris Agreement? What actions have these countries taken to achieve their ambitious goals? What are the setbacks? Check here for the newest update on environmental policies and other actions taken by governments around the world in this fight for the environment and humanity.
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F(earth)er Magazine

Green New Deal

Written by Nataly E.

We've all heard about this "Green New Deal", but what is it specifically? Why do some people fervently support its ratification while others strongly oppose? This article answers these questions by discussing the history of this proposed legislation, controversies raised from its plans, and predicted impacts on the U.S economy.

Biden's Climate Plan

Written by Ava.H

As the president-elect, what is Biden's Plan to address climate change? How did people respond and view this plan? What will the transition look like from Trump's administration to Biden's? What should we expect for the future? Find the answers to these questions here.

Climate Education in Finland

Written by Giorgia F.

While climate education is still a relatively new topic in many countries around the world including the U.S, Finland is being ahead of the game by incorporating effective environmental curriculums that center around climate change and sustainable development. Check out this article to learn more about the initiative and development behind climate education in Finland.

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